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Dr. Palmer and his highly trained team of professionals are recognized throughout Houston for their expertise, precision, and knowledge regarding the delivery of porcelain bridges.  Unlike so many “one size fits all” dental practices, Dr. Palmer customizes each bridge specifically for the individual patient’s needs, ensuring proper alignment and fit. Using his CEREC technology, his patients are able to get a custom fit and shaded bridges.

Dr. Palmer’s custom bridges are an option for filling the space created by a missing tooth.  Bridges are created and formed to look like the missing tooth. The sides of a bridge use the two surrounding teeth for support. A bridge replaces the missing tooth, both functionally and cosmetically. Bridge work is as much an art as it is dentistry, with Dr. Palmer ensuring comfort, fit and aesthetics.

It is important that a missing tooth is replaced as soon as possible for several reasons. If not treated, the teeth surrounding the gap begin to shift inward. Teeth use their “neighbors” for support, and with one missing, they begin to move. As the condition worsens, your bite begins to change in response to the absent tooth, and this can create gum disease, which may lead to more serious systemic problems including Type II diabetes. In addition, other dental problems can arise, such as jaw issues like TMJ.

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