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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry
Dr. Palmer is highly recognized throughout the dental profession for his expertise and knowledge regarding cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Palmer utilizes the most advanced technologies in the profession and customizes each cosmetic dentistry procedure specific to the individual patient’s needs, ensuring unparalleled results are achieved.

Teeth Whitening
One of the most popular treatments available in dentistry is teeth whitening. However, patients do not realize that certain types of teeth whitening procedures can actually damage their teeth and gums. Dr. Palmer utilizes a customized teeth whitening approach ensuring the proper teeth whitening treatment is prescribed to each individual patient.

Dr. Palmer’s most popular teeth whitening treatment is ZOOM! In-Office Whitening. After just one treatment, patients will see their teeth brighten up to 8 shades whiter. Ask us about our Endless Whitening Program related to ZOOM! In-Office Whitening treatment.

Dr. Palmer utilizes an advanced veneer procedure that is highly recognized throughout the dental profession to produce the absolute best results for patients.  Dr. Palmer prescribes veneers for teeth that have large fillings and/or minimal structure. Using the CEREC technology, he can offer his patients the highest quality veneers in a shorter time frame as the veneers are fabricated in-house. Digital impressions are taken, eliminating the mess and discomfort of traditional impression materials. The results his patients receive are unmatched, and he continues to deliver his patients the beautiful smiles they’ve always wanted.

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