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Do you want the best when it comes to your dental health?  If yes, you came to the right place as Dr. Palmer is Invisalign trained and highly recognized throughout Houston for his expertise and precision regarding his customized Invisalign Treatments.  His practice remains the most trusted in Houston, Texas for Invisalign.

Dr. Palmer’s Invisalign Treatment – How it Works
Invisalign Treatments, sometimes referred to as “clear braces,” performed by Dr. Palmer are among the most advanced orthodontic procedures available.  Dr. Palmer’s prescribed treatment provides noticeable results and has corrected a multitude of problems for patients, including malocclusion, abrasion, and loss of tooth structure.

Dr. Palmer’s Invisalign Treatment works by utilizing clear trays as an alternative to the outdated brackets used for many years.  This treatment doesn’t just reposition the teeth so you can regain your beautiful smile and confidence. Invisalign treatment also prevents gum disease from worsening as the bacteria in your system can lead to Periodontal Disease, which is linked to serious illnesses such as Type II diabetes, cancer and many other health-related issues.

We offer FREE Invisalign consults for those who want to learn more about this treatment and how it could improve your dental health.

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